Shifting Our Generations

Shifting Our Generations

Developing a Strategy for Generational Healing and Transformation | taught by Mark DeJesus

Course description

Families that Break Destructive Cycles and Manifest Fruit that Lasts

One of the ground breaking teachings has been that of making changes that shift patterns in the family tree to create a lasting inheritance for the Kingdom of God. 

Are you aware of the blessing that runs in your family? Are you also in recognition of the sin issues that seek to compound in each generation? 

In this teaching, Mark addresses the importance of understanding generational inheritance and setting up a grid for generational change. This series will help strengthen our generations for the glory of God. 

You will learn the importance of living for a generation you will never meet here on earth.

In this teaching insight, you will learn:

  • How iniquity is the work of sin in the generations.
  • What a curse is and how it operates.
  • What about when people say Jesus broke the curse? What does that mean?
  • How genetics are affected by generational sin and how we can begin to see it change.

You will also uncover 

  • 7 common pitfalls that people fall into when it comes to making changes in their generations. 
  • 7 powerful steps involved to make the change that will affect generations to come. 
  • the power of parenting overcoming children, as a part of breaking generational cycles and releasing newness into the generations.
  • parenting a problem child

Includes a powerful message on Marriage for Overcomers: Mark goes into the life of marriage--giving a blueprint for marriages that want to go all the way and develop homes that manifest the power of God.

Mark DeJesus
Mark DeJesus
Transformational Teacher & Consultant

The calling on Mark DeJesus life involves equipping people to overcome personal limitations so they can live spiritually healthy and powerful lives. As an author, teacher and transformational consultant, Mark is dedicated to connecting hearts in the love of God, while training people to live in fruitful relationships. From decades of ministry work, Mark’s expertise involves getting to the core issues of people’s lives that prevent them from living in the identity and purpose that God has given them.