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Mark DeJesus

Healing the Heart

Learn where your thoughts come from and how experiencing heart healing can change your entire life.

Mark DeJesus

Breaking the Power of Negativity

Move from disempowering thinking into empowered thinking and living!

Mark DeJesus

Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Training to Discern the Root to All Love, Relationship & Identity Struggles

Mark DeJesus

Living the Bitter Free Life!

Learn to get free from toxic relationships, overcome anger battles and live free from past pain.

Mark DeJesus

Overcoming the Fear Factor

Breakthrough the influence of anxiety, worry and fear based living.

Mark DeJesus

God Loves Me and I Love Myself!

Making the radical change to love and accept yourself the way God loves you!

Mark DeJesus

Start a New Season with Power

Reboot into a fresh start with a brand new strategy for breakthrough. Step by step strategy for a powerful new season.

Mark DeJesus

Inside Out Nutrition

Achieve your weight, health and nutritional goals from the inside out!

Mark DeJesus

Overcoming Guilt Based Thinking

Exposing and Overcoming Guilt-Based Thinking and Living in Your Relationship with God and Others