Living the Bitter Free Life!

Living the Bitter Free Life!

Detox from Relationship Hurt, Pain and Baggage | taught by Mark DeJesus
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Mark DeJesus
Mark DeJesus
Transformational Teacher & Consultant

About the Instructor

The calling on Mark DeJesus life involves equipping people to overcome personal limitations so they can live spiritually healthy and powerful lives. As an author, teacher and transformational consultant, Mark is dedicated to connecting hearts in the love of God, while training people to live in fruitful relationships. From decades of ministry work, Mark’s expertise involves getting to the core issues of people’s lives that prevent them from living in the identity and purpose that God has given them.


The quality of our life rises and falls on our ability to do relationships. Yet our relationship wounds develop toxic pockets in our lives and infect our health and wholeness.

Delve into this power packed course, where you will learn how to harness the detoxing power of God to help you heal from the past and walk into a more powerful future.

In this Bitter Free course, you will learn:

  • How to get relational toxicity out of your life so you can live lighter and freer!
  • Why living bitter free is important for your health and wholeness.
  • Identify the key trap that interferes with healthy relationships.
  • Get yourself free from the trap that poisons relationships.
  • Increase your discernment so you won’t be taken out.
  • Learn how to disarm toxic and bitter patterns in your life to live healed and free!

Even More Powerful Insights Given:

  • Disarm where you get easily offended and disarm a root of bitterness in your life.
  • Learn how to deal with toxic people in more effective ways.
  • Gain info for training on how to walk free from anger battles!
  • Find how you can grow in learning how to deal with conflict effectively!

Includes access to extra audio teachings and bonus Q&A.

Course Contents

21 Videos
1 Text
8 PDFs
17 Audios

Course Curriculum