Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

How to Heal and Move into Wholeness | taught by Mark DeJesus

Course description

A complicated, yet needed subject to address, spiritual abuse has impacted a large mass of people. The repercussions can be intense. 

Many are walking around with wounds they can't identify, because they've not understood what an abusive environment will do. Worst yet, people who have been spiritually abused often carry that into the next fellowship they join. New layers of hurt build on old layers of hurt, until eventually people shut down and say "I can’t take it anymore."

This course is designed to help people experience healing from an abusive spiritual environment, be it a church or ministry organization. 

In this course, you will gain: 

  1. Insights to help you identify what spiritual abuse is and how it may have impacted your life. 
  2. Perspectives on what emotionally and spiritually healthy Christianity can look like. 
  3. How to practically heal from spiritually abusive situations. 
  4. What it takes to cultivate healthy environments. 

With what you gain in this training series, God can heal your pain and use your life as a story of restoration and overcoming. 

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Mark DeJesus
Mark DeJesus
Transformational Teacher & Consultant

The calling on Mark DeJesus life involves equipping people to overcome personal limitations so they can live spiritually healthy and powerful lives. As an author, teacher and transformational consultant, Mark is dedicated to connecting hearts in the love of God, while training people to live in fruitful relationships. From decades of ministry work, Mark’s expertise involves getting to the core issues of people’s lives that prevent them from living in the identity and purpose that God has given them.