Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Discerning the Root to our Relationship & Identity Struggles | taught by Mark DeJesus
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Mark DeJesus
Mark DeJesus
Transformational Teacher & Consultant

About the Instructor

The calling on Mark DeJesus life involves equipping people to overcome personal limitations so they can live spiritually healthy and powerful lives. As an author, teacher and transformational consultant, Mark is dedicated to connecting hearts in the love of God, while training people to live in fruitful relationships. From decades of ministry work, Mark’s expertise involves getting to the core issues of people’s lives that prevent them from living in the identity and purpose that God has given them.


The rejection mindset is the deepest rooted struggle that hinders people from experiencing loving and fruitful relationships. It also prevents people from living out of the true identity God has given them.

I have found that exposing rejection is something each person has to discern in their life. Rejection is not just something that happens to you, but a mindset that you can carry, keeping you in spiritual slavery.

Your identity and relationships are everything when it comes to living a full life on this planet. But what happens when your lens in those areas becomes distorted or tainted?

You will understand how to:

  • Confront unresolved brokenness and the masks that we wear in relationships.
  • End the slave life of performance, perfectionism and people pleasing.
  • Walk free from constant busyness and hyper-driven living.
  • Let go of relationship burdens you should not be carrying.
  • Addressing the toxic relationships around you.
  • Break addictive habits and addict living.
  • Love and accept yourself right where you are.
  • End the twisted communication that goes in in relationships.
  • Take the limits off where you are stuck in breaking free.
  • Practical steps on walking free from rejection.
  • Develop a healthy lens of God, yourself and your relationships. Get out of isolation, get back out there and live an authentic life!

Take Back Who God Says You Are and Get to the Root of What Causes:

  • Unresolved brokenness
  • Masks that we wear in relationships.
  • Slave-based living.
  • Performance pressured living & perfectionism
  • Constant busyness & hyper-driven living
  • People pleasing traps
  • False relational burdens
  • Unending toxic relationships.
  • Addictions and addictive behavior
  • An inability to love & accept yourself
  • Twisted communication in relationships
  • The body to be more prone to disease

Develop a healthy lens of God, yourself and your relationships. Find out how to walk free!

Course Contents

16 Audios

Course Curriculum

02 Doorpoints for a Rejection Mindset
03 Confronting Our Insecurities and Fear
04 Taking Off the Masks
05 From Slavery to Sonship
06 Performance Living | People Pleasing | False Burden Bearing
07 Busyness and Drivenness
08 Perfectionism
09 Excessive Neediness
10 Envy and Jealousy
11 Self-Rejection
12 Distorted and Twisted Relationships
13 Addictions
14 Stubborness Rebellion and Pride
15 Victim Thinking and Self-Pity
16 Freedom from Rejection Mindset