Exposing the Rejection Mindset Training Course

Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Get to the Root of What Keeps You from Experiencing Love, Knowing Who You Are & Living in Empowered Relationships | taught by Mark DeJesus

Course description


Get to the root issue that keeps you from experiencing love, knowing who you are and manifesting powerful relationships. 

This online course will help you address one the most common mindsets that keeps people in cycles of limitation, keeping them from experiencing the greater potential in life.

In this video course, you will learn:

  • What it means to pursue relationship health in your life and what keeps people from it.
  • How to face the war that takes place over your relationships.
  • What a rejection mindset is and how it infects your identity, sense of love and relationships.
  • How to address the cycle of limitations you keep running into.
  • How to engage a fruitful healing process so you can let go of brokenness that interferes with your progress.
  • How to break through any sense of separation in your relationship with God.

You gain greater power in your identity, as you learn: 

  • How to break through insecurity and battles over your identity.
  • Remove influences of performance based Christianity.
  • How to move from slavery in sonship.
  • How to be more yourself.

How your face your life and relationships will change as you learn: 

  • Identify and shift areas of excessive neediness that are making your relationships toxic.
  • Break through twisted communication, which destroys healthy relationships.
  • Reveres patterns in your life that keep you trapped and feeling "stuck."

You will get spiritual insights and practical steps on:

  • How to break free from rejection-based patterns.
  • Develop empowering habits that can change your environment.
  • Move into a new and empowered future that is healed and free.
Mark DeJesus
Mark DeJesus
Transformational Teacher & Consultant

The calling on Mark DeJesus life involves equipping people to overcome personal limitations so they can live spiritually healthy and powerful lives. As an author, teacher and transformational consultant, Mark is dedicated to connecting hearts in the love of God, while training people to live in fruitful relationships. From decades of ministry work, Mark’s expertise involves getting to the core issues of people’s lives that prevent them from living in the identity and purpose that God has given them.

Course Curriculum

Module 09: Out of Slavery and Into Sonship